New Medals and Manuals!!


It's time to award your Heroes and Generals!
New BEST Medals and Manuals for them are finally here!

Today we added new chest to Military Shop.
Below you can see the chest you now will be able to buy.

Conquer Medals and Manuals

3 Medals and 3 Manuals are available inside this chest!
It's totally random which two items you will get from it!

Medals are following:

Soft Conquer Medal

Military+375 | Politic+375 | Knowledge+25 | Attack+375| Defense+375 | Level Required:100

Medium Conquer Medal

Military+475 | Politic+475 | Knowledge+26 | Attack+475| Defense+475 | Level Required:100

Hard conquer Medal

Military+575 | Politic+575 | Knowledge+27 | Attack+575| Defense+575 | Level Required:100

Manuals are following:

Soft Conquer Manual

Military+200 | Politic+200 | Knowledge+8 | Attack+200| Defense+200 | Level Required:100

Medium Conquer Manual

Military+275 | Politic+275 | Knowledge+9 | Attack+275| Defense+275 | Level Required:100

Hard Conquer Manual

Military+325 | Politic+325 | Knowledge+10 | Attack+325| Defense+325 | Level Required:100

Be ready and jump to shop!!
Award your Heroes and Generals for faithful service!

Team War2 Glory

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New Medals and Manuals!!

03.09.2020 16:00

Nutcracker is here!!

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