Seewolf-New Server!

It's your chance to raise the stakes, Commander.

It's your chance to conquer and play a role in history.

Seewolf will be the name of our new server for WAR2 Glory,where you can recreate one of the most

bloody and exciting episodes of the Second World War between you and your friends.

Form alliances, gain intelligence, steal resources, hold the line.

Come join us.Let's us defend or crush Seewolf together.

Only together we'll stand a chance.

Seawolf, a submarine which was launched on 15th August 1939.

Seewolf stood out under the command of Lieutenant Commander A.M. Bontier.

 It reached Manus on 29 September, refueled, and sailed carrying stores

and Army personnel to the east coast of Samar.

On 4th October, Seewolf was directed to report it's position, and it failed to do.

One of two planes from the escort carrier Midway sighted a submarine submerging

and dropped two bombs on it even though it was in a safety zone for American submarines.

They steamed to the area and established sound contact on the submarine,

which then sent a series of dashes and dots which were not the existing recognition signals.

They attacked again. The second attack was followed by underwater explosions, and debris rose to the surface.

The Japanese records shows no attack listed that could account for the loss of Seewolf.

Seewolf, 83 officers and men as well as 17 Army passengers were lost.

It was probably the second U.S. submarine lost in the Pacific War to friendly fire.

Seawolf received 13 battle stars!

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Seewolf-New Server!

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